Friday, March 27, 2015

Minor note

I have found that SD card thing I lost...prepare for more pictures.

Friday, March 6, 2015

>Things: Happen

Yeah, this blog is nigh-abandoned(shame, I have lots of good stuff to post) but I hope to put up some more stuff soon. For now, take some assorted stuff. (Also notice: I got a phone last August, and I now take pictures using its camera. It's a BAJILLION times easier to export than my 3DS[actually, I got a thing that would let me use an SD card in a USB port making that a bajillion times easier, but I've lost it :'( ])

(Yeah I had to use this)
IN-N-OUT. Yeah still keeping up the tradition. It's apparently pretty Californian of me to get worked up about In-N-Out but in my defense their food is pretty good.
I've been getting a bit into cosplay. Here I am humanstuck Cronus(Homestuck), which I did for my school's 50s Day during the first homecoming week.
Also Karkat(also HS), which I was for Halloween. (I've been big on Homestuck since last year or so.)
HS Caliborn pumpkin, or to nonfans one of the Ophiuchus signs.

Also, on Halloween day at my school during the mentioned-earlier homecoming week, there was a costume contest. This guy was an AWESOME Sub-Zero(Mortal Kombat)
In one Jenga game with a friend of mine this happened. Later we had like 6-7 of those single layers, it was crazy.

Jenga blocks also make good construction toys.
There you have it, a boring update

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Biiiiig Update

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy birthday to my little brother! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Groundhog Day! I've got a ton of pics.
Topic 1: SMUD Christmas Party
My dad works at a utility place in Sacramento called SMUD. They have a Christmas party every year, and my family always goes. When we were about to leave, I was allowed to explore the building. I went through staircase upon staircase, explored doors and floors, and got onto the roof at one point. When I was done, I had managed to unknowingly get to the other side of the building. Here's pics:
On the staircases, there were these little windows near the floor. Weird...

Once on the roof, I was taken aback by how cool a roof it was.

For reference to how high I was. (In elevation, I mean. Don't do drugs kids.)

Comes with a balcony!

I looked off one side and saw this area of trees I'd never seen before ever...that's just how lost I was.
Minitopic 1: Moonphase Famicom reference
I recently watched the anime Moonphase on Netflix (great show, very funny) and found a Famicom in one episode.
There, in the bottom left. That's the back of a Famicom. (Also, on the bottom right - it's not what it may look like.)
Topic 2: In-N-Out
I've gone to In-N-Out (great burger place - "quality you can taste") a few times since last post. I always take pictures of my burger when I go, and sometimes at other places. It's to use the 'Burgers' tag and to parody those people who Instagram their Starbucks cups. (Seriously! Who cares?!) Plus, I like the luster of the burgers. Pics below. They aren't in too good an order since I just kinda pulled the photos without much organization.
Looks like this one came from the holiday season.

I also got a burger from Sonic Drive-In....not the best I've had. Their grilled cheeses are better.

I usually just get a cheeseburger (just plain meat, cheese, and bun - I don't like burgers that come with miniature salads in them), fries, and root beer.

SHINE(y burger) GET! (Yes I know it's spelled 'shiny')

This is my new favorite place to sit.

Lookidat shine. I think it's from grease.

Good to know.

They print Bible verses in red on the bottoms of food wrappers and containers.

More cool trivia about In-N-Out quality.

"These burger close-ups are kinda cheesy..." (Ironically for the pun, you can't actually see the cheese in these pictures.)
Topic 3: Christmas Gets!
I got all sortsa cool stuff for Christmas. I even got a buncha money that I used to buy more stuff on Boxing Day. (A-1 Comics was having a sale. Gunpla were only 20% off, but I got something anyway. Scroll down a lot to the Gundam section to see.) Pics:
A collection of most of the stuff I got. Batteries - AA and AAA. I asked for them specifically because it always seems my family never has any. Root beer - I got two small cans. One I drank quickly, and the other (pictured) I'm saving to later drink in front of my brothers to make them jealous. Gundam thing - See below pic. Sonic screwdriver - see below (x2) pic. Lexar USB + SD card coupons - I got a new SD card and USB storage thing. Each came with a little coupon thing for some program. The SD card comes with 16 GB, 8 times as much as my 3DS' built-in one. (?!?!?!?!??!!!) I now use it to record multiple 10-minute videos (which you'll see on my retrogaming blog) and download lotsa demos. The USB thing I just use as another USB thing. Butterscotch hard candies - Not for Christmas. I went to a thing and they had 2 bowls full of them. At the end, everybody took a million. I came home with about 4 or 5 times as much as is shown. Doctor Who figure - See below (x7) pic. Tic Tacs - I got them in my stocking. I kinda like Tic Tacs.* (Not pictured) Gundam New Year Campaign Card - I got it at the top of my stocking. It came from getting the [model I will be later showing you] from Model Grade. Project X Zone, Pokemon Y - See below (x3) pic.

I didn't get this for Christmas - I got it on Boxing Day at A-1 Comics. It was the last one left. I wish I'd gotten a good guy...

One of my favorites. This is the 10th Doctor's screwdriver. It's very handy. Until break ended, I took it with me everywhere.

Pokemon Y! Awwwww yeeeeeaaah. I love that game, it's amazing. Next to it is Project X Zone, the special boxed limited edition. I love the heck outta that game. It's a super crossover RPG from Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom. I'm on chapter 20-something. Sadly, there aren't hardly any classic characters like in Namco X Capcom. (It included Bravoman, Wonder Momo, Dig Dug [Hori Taizo], Valkyrie, Toby Masuyo, Klonoa, Gil [from Tower Of Druaga] and more classic characters I would've loved to see in PXZ.) Valkyrie (Namco), Arthur, Ken and Ryu (Capcom), and some others made it though. It's still a great game.

The Domo pillow and new Playstation Move were Christmas gifts, but the MSG DVD was from Dimple on Boxing Day.

The PXZ limited edition came with a big poster thing, a little visual book, and a soundtrack. Very cool.

A picture of the track list on the soundtrack CD. So glad they included the Valkyrie theme, that's a favorite.

I was hoping to get a Dalek or the TARDIS or something, but no, I got a "one-off incidental character" - Mr. Heywhoturnedoutthelights.

I don't know what this is doing in here.
Topic 4: Gundam!
Yes, I labeled that Gundam and not just Gunpla - I did get that MSG DVD. (See above section.)
I got this on the 23rd of December. I found it in a store called Hobbytown USA near a dollar store. I was delighted to find a small Gunpla section there. It was mostly SD, but they had some HG. I actually found the Gunpla Starter Set Vol.2! The store clerk guy said they'd always carried Gundam. Great discovery!

The reason I picked that model was because it said 'Limited' on it. I can't seem to find this model anywhere online, so I assume I was right and that this is some super-rare edition.

Oh yeah, and I got this for Christmas. I got a New Year Campaign card with it. My parents said it was even a dude-to-the-door delivery since Model Grade's close to us. I've wanted the Build Strike since it was available! But now the Star Build Strike is out for preorder, and I want that too...

By the way: this is an in-universe custom Gunpla in Gundam Build Fighters. I watch each episode right as it comes out!

I also bought this on Boxing Day. It was like $80, but I'd gotten $100 for Christmas (!!) and A-1 Comics was having a sale.

My first Master Grade. I'm excited to build it.

Oh yeah, and I finished the RG-78-2. (Lame pun?) There were like, >120 different decals.

A close-up. Notice the abundance of detail, decals, and detailed decals.

For size comparison and cool pose consideration.

Here's the decal!

A weird manufacturing error in a Zaku II board. Luckily, it was one of those ones that doesn't do anything to anything important and you just take a picture of it.
OK, that's it for updates to this blog. Check out the update post I'll do on the retrogaming blog(see provided link at the right of the page), it's gonna be amazing! (Fun fact: In this post, the only labels I didn't use were Legos[I haven't gotten any Lego stuff in a while, I'm more interested in building certain other models], Puffles[for obvious reasons], Six Flags[also for obvious reasons], and Retrogaming[because all my new retrogaming posts now go to the retrogaming blog].)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


HEY!! Sorry to be typing in all caps like that but there's a good reason: I just this Veterans' Day (Remembrance Day if you live in certain other countries) received my Gunpla Real Grade set! In case you didn't read my previous post, I won a set of the first 11 Real Grade Gunpla models in a thing (the official Gundam news and video portal!) was holding called the "Gundam Midyear Campaign" where you could enter a code from buying certain Gunpla sets or any set in certain places to enter the contest. Once entered, you had to take a survey and then choose which prize drawing to enter. I chose the Real Grade set (it said that 88 people would receive it by the way), and later got a "you have won, congrats"-type email from It said that my set would be delivered on the day Hiroshi Yamauchi died or later. (Funny [well, not humorous funny {death is never nice, except Hitler's}, more weird funny] how both those dates coincided with days relating to death. [Veterans' Day isn't about death, but Remembrance Day is.]) Well, it finally came, like 2 months later! My parents were actually concerned that it wouldn't ever arrive. Here's some pics:
The box was pretty big if you can't tell.
Why does it say 1964 on it...?
I'm assuming "GODZILLA" is referring to how super freaking huge it is. I can just imagine their box size scale: 'Tiny, small, medium, large, GODZILLA.'

I didn't actually know who or what the box was for until I saw my name on the address and written in marker in the corner of the box - when I saw that, somehow I knew.

The inside was just boxes and boxes of them (11 in all) arranged to fit in the box with barely any room left. I also found it weird how the bottom lid-things of all the boxes were black, shiny, and felt like that stuff paperboard boxes are on the outside. Normal Gundam bottom-lid-thingies are cardboard-feeling and pretty much look like cardboard too.

In the corner of the arrangement, there was a two-model-wide stack with 3 layers. In this picture, I've taken off the first layer.

The second layer moved. Why do I have such detailed coverage of the box and not the models? I don't know. Who cares about the freaking box?! Why am I so thoroughly discussing the box and the inside arrangement?!
I took out the models and made two piles - one pile would most likely topple over. If it didn't on its own, my brothers would make sure it did.
Ok, that's it for now. I've finished the RX-78-2 model and I've started on the MS-06F Zaku II (original green). Just found out the hard way: don't buy RG unless you like lots and lots of tiny decals. The RX had like, close to 120. The end result really pays off, though, I gotta say.

Well, in other stuff I went to In-N-Out again at some vague time. I've started a habit of adding pics of when I visit In-N-Out or other burger places to posts. I even have a "Burgers" tag for posts. Here's the pic:
Sadly, I can't remember when or why I went.
Also, like I said I would, I'm adding pics of my Gundam Wing model that I finished 33 days ago.
This is what the model looks like in good light, at a more or less frontal view.

It has these awesome wings (probably shoulda expected that from a Gundam with 'Wing' in the name) in the back.

Did I mention said wings can be extended for the awesome Bird Mode? (Bird Mode also requires attaching a big red plane-nose-type-accessory.)

Accessory 2(the red thing counts as #1): Inexplicably funny-smelling miniature figure of the Mobile Suit's pilot. In this lighting, it looks like his shirt is being pulled upward by some mysterious force, but really it's just tucked funny.

Accessory 3: Cool sword. No explanation needed.
Ok, that's it for now. (I really mean it this time.)